Preparing your under-seat suitcase or carry-on backpack for your next trip can sometimes be a struggle. Lots of space to pick up. And let’s not talk about weight. You have to put that thing around the airport, or in between places. Lucky for us, many travellers who come before us have brought some great travel packing hacks, tips and tricks which we can use to make our life easier. So, in this article we are going to cover the best travel tips packing.

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Know your luggage restrictions

Sounds simple, in theory, but these days, it looks like every single airline, train company, bus company and ferry have a different set of baggage restrictions, and they are not always easy to work out (especially on budget airlines when you are traveling, or if you are traveling with big luggage like skis / snowboards or musical instruments). Before you start packing for your trip (in fact, before you even book your ticket), however, do a quick online search and make sure you know what the baggage restrictions are for your specific carrier.

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Choose travel-friendly fabrics

Our textile lab professionals always recommend opting for knits and stripey fabrics (such as Amazon Essential T-shirts made with spandex). Even when these clothes wrinkle, the crease will fall when you hang them. Woven fabrics (such as linen or cotton twill) are more wrinkled.

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Make a packing list

When it comes to packing, sag is reduced. Start your packing process days or weeks before your departure date; This gives you time to prepare a complete list, as well as purchase additional items needed for your holiday. Creating a packing list is a fail-safe way to ensure that you never, ever forget to bring something important.

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Roll your clothing

The rolling vs folding debate. It is generally understood that rolling takes up less space than folding, and also prevents growing. It also makes it much easier for you to find items of clothing later and you can pack things in extra places and cracks in your luggage.

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Don’t forget your charge cords and adaptors

Some people travel to get away from it all, and they leave their computers, tablets and other gizmos behind. But most people at least take their cell phones with them so they can take pictures, check emails, go back home with people, navigate unfamiliar streets and whatever. If you are bringing any type of gadget, it is important to remember that you must pack all the components you need, such as a charge cable, external battery pack, or SD card.

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Ziplock bags

How do you usually organize all your electronics, cables, those fiddly bits that take you ages to dig into security? Stuff them like the rest of us? Ok, if you want to organize your packing then get yourself a slash of Ziplock bag. Phone chargers, camera chargers, adapters, headphones – take extra plastic bags (the same ones you use for handmade items) and use them to store electrical items, Travel home (house keys, parking tickets and car keys), items for medicine and other loose items.

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